documenta 14 exhibition Athens and Kassel, various venues, ask for more artists, artworks and venues via
Credits: Fridericianum; Lorenza Böttner "installation view"; Lorenza Böttner "installation view / detail"; Emeka Ogboh "The Way Earthly Things are Going"; David Shutter "installation view"; Dan Peterman "Kassel Ingot Project"; Ben Russell "Good Luck"; Daniel Knorr "Materialization"; Daniel Knorr "Expiration Movement"; Artur Zmijewski "Realism"; Beau Dick "Twenty-two masks from the series ”Atlakim”, 1990–2012, various materials, installation view"; Hiwa K "One Room Apartment"; Hiwa K and PD022 "When We Were Exhaling Images"; Nairy Baghramian "Drawing Table (Homage to Jane Bowles)"; Maret Anne Sara "Pile o Sapmi"; Nathan Pohio "Raise the anchor"; Olaf Holzapfel "Trassen (in der Kasseler Karlsaue) (Lines [in the Karlsaue in Kassel])"; K. G. Subramanyan "War of the Relics"; André du Colombier "installation view / detail"; R. H. Quaytman "installation view"; Pavel Braila "The Golden Snow of the Sochi Olympics"; Ralph Hotere "Malady Panels"; Rainer Oldendorf "marco14 and CIAM4 / Schiffbruch mit Zuschauer"; Terre Thaemlitz "Electroacoustic audio and video installation"; Ulrich Wuest Landlust"; Naeem Mohaiemen "Tripoli Cancelled"; Yael Davids "A Reading That Loves - A Physical Act"; Vija Celmins "8 Works / detail"; Theo Eshetu "Atlas Fractured"; Chittaprosad "installation view"; Agnes Denes "The Living Pyramid"; Akinbode Akinbiyi "48 Black White Photos"; Beatriz González "Decoración de interiores"; Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor "Films"; Cecilia Vicuna "Quipu Womb"; Ahlam Shibli "Occupation"; Daniel García Andújar "The Disasters of War"; Maria Eichhorn "Unrechtmässig aus jüdischem Eigentum erworbene Bücher"; Marta Minujín "The Parthenon of Books"; Marta Minujín "The Parthenon of Books"
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